Tawk 怎么在聊天前设置表格

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You can use the Pre-Chat Form to ask your visitors questions before the chat begins.

  1. Select the Property you would want to customize.
  2. Select "ADMINISTRATION" of the gear icon in the lower left corner sidebar.
  3. Select CHAT WIDGET in the sidebar.
  4. In the WIDGET CONTENT section, select ""EDIT CONTENT"
  5. Select the Pre-Chat Form radio button, then click the “Switch” from off to on.
  6. Once you have clicked the On Switch you can add the fields you would like to have in the Pre-Chat Form.
  7. You can make any field required by clicking the little grey asterisks at the top right of the field.
  8. You can edit the text for each field by clicking the pencil icon above each field.



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